Randy Newman

Much of the material on this site comes (with permission) from the hard work of others, especially Jim Coan, of RandyNewman.com, and Gary Norris, Randy's archivist.

The site isn't finished yet (especially its navigation and the consistency of its "look", collection of manuals and other docs/photos), but there is enough here now to let the world see it.

The reason this page looks so plain is that you are using a Web browser that does not support Web standards. If you upgraded to a standards-compliant browser, it (and many other pages) would look much better ... and you wouldn't see this warning. I recommend Opera, but Mozilla, Internet Explorer 5.5 and up, Netscape 6, and several others are also OK. Although the pages might not look so pretty, I have written them following Web standards, so all the text on them will still be visible to you.